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        Welcome To Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd. Official Website!

        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.


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        1. Introduction of Car Trunk Mat

            Car trunk mat, also called car trunk mat, refers to the mat placed on the bottom of the car trunk....

        2. Cleaning skills of car mats

            Do not soak and scrub the foot pad completely in water. On the one hand, it will destroy the bondi...

        3. Misunderstanding of the use of car mats

            1. One-sided attention to easy cleaning  Analysis: The purpose of using car floor mats is to absor...

        4. The purchase of car mats

            1. It is recommended to use the original special car foot pads-the foot pads can be closely attach...

        5. Cutting method of car mat

            Imitate the original car mat cutting method  This method can only be used when the original car ma...

        6. Classification of car mats

            Classified by function  1. Universal foot pad  2. Special-purpose car mat  Contrast: The universal...

        7. Introduction to car mats

            Car floor mats are environmentally friendly automotive interior parts that integrate the five main...

        8. What is XPE?

            XPE is a chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam material, which is made of low-density polyethy...

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        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.
        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.


        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.


        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.
        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd. Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.
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