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        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.


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        Cutting method of car mat

          Imitate the original car mat cutting method

          This method can only be used when the original car mat is suitable (it is better if the original car mat is widened by 1~2 cm around it). Directly place the original car mat on the Ancheng Tiwosi mat and draw with a pen. Note Be sure to cut the original car cushion and both from the back in reverse, so that the cut edges will be more neat and beautiful. At the same time, the boards can be arranged in a material-saving way to avoid waste and save costs.

          tailored tailoring

          This method can be printed with kraft paper or newspaper and then cut according to the size of the driving position and rear row, so as to ensure that the effect is good.

          1. The size of the driving position needs to be paid attention to. If the size is not suitable, there will be gaps that will cause the foot pads to shift. You need to cover the newspaper and draw with a pen along the corners.

          2. After drawing the outline, cut out the cardboard (a 0.5 cm width is better)

          3. The position of the co-driver pays more attention to beauty. It is recommended to draw the line according to the appropriate ratio when playing the board. Pay special attention to the upper right corner. Due to the different angles, in order to avoid too high angles, the foot pads can be left properly. Certain blanks.

          4. After cutting, put it in the car and compare the size (this ensures that the cutting effect is more standard)

          5. The rear seat is also a place that needs to pay attention to beauty. The foot cushions of the rear seat can be cut into conjoined and split. The newspaper is spread on the rear seat and the line is drawn along the outline of the rear seat.

          6. Split: After laying the board, according to the way of using less materials, after arranging the back of the foot pad, draw the pattern with a brush.

          7. Siamese: Glue the 3 pieces of cardboard in the back row and connect them together. Then put the back row template on the foot pad and draw the pattern with a brush according to the template.

          Note: What needs to be noted here is: because the board is printed on the front side, the printed newspaper (kraft paper) needs to be turned over and drawn with a brush to avoid unnecessary loss when typesetting on the foot pad

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        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.
        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.


        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.


        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.
        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd. Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.
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