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        Misunderstanding of the use of car mats

          1. One-sided attention to easy cleaning

          Analysis: The purpose of using car floor mats is to absorb water, vacuum, sound insulation, and protect the host blanket. It only pays attention to easy cleaning and avoiding rain and snow pollution, which will lead to misunderstandings and small losses.

          2, repeated placement of the foot pad

          Analysis: Put PVC, 3D, rubber and other foot pads on the original supporting suede foot pads of the car factory to avoid damage and pollution of the suede foot pads, which increases the safety hazards that affect the brakes and speed.

          3, the protective film of the host blanket is not removed

          Analysis: The main body blanket PE protective film is used to protect the main body blanket from damage and pollution without other protection. Before installing the car floor mat, this PE film must be removed to ensure that the foot pad TPR nail bottom and the main unit The blanket touches and rubs to achieve the anti-slip function.

          4, do not clean car mats, car wash shop clean car mats

          Analysis: While the car mat completes the function of "absorbing water and dust", the pollution it suffers should be cleaned as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause bacteria to multiply and affect the air quality and the health of the car owner. Especially the ring wire foot pad, the dirt and dust inside will only accumulate and it is not easy to clean up.

          Simple water washing at the car wash shop cannot completely remove the dirt hidden in the car mats. The cleaning of the car mats should be handled by a dry cleaner or manually washed.

          5. A set of foot pads have been used for many years

          Analysis: After continuous use of any item, even if the appearance is still intact, it may not have the function of the design. The qualified car owner can purchase 2 sets of suede car mats and use them in turn to extend the life of the product and save economic expenditure.

          6. Natural, tasteless and environmentally friendly

          Analysis: Almost all Hyundai products have undergone synthetic treatment. Whether the products are environmentally friendly should be confirmed by the inspection certificate issued by a professional organization. It is recommended to buy products from professional, strong, and well-known companies.

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        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.
        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.


        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.


        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.
        Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd. Henan Yazhong Car Accessories Co.,Ltd.
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